Mummy Miriam joined New Jerusalem in 2013; she is about 75 years old.

By the time of her salvation her sight was so dim in that she could hit objects while walking, she also had a lot of pain in her legs and could not walk well. She was prayed for and the more she got committed to God, her sight begun to be normal, her legs stopped paining. This gave her joy and she begun to clean the church and the toilets and to remove all the rubbish from the church premises.

One day she was hit by a stroke that paralysed one of her hands, leg, the mouth and one side of the shoulder. She couldn’t hold anything and didn’t walk. Her granddaughter was helping in most of the things. This lady raised up her voice reminding God what she has been doing in church, she promised him to continue to do what she has been doing diligently in case God heals her completely, she was always brought to church, and as it is written in matt, 18:19, the pasto, together with the congregation agreed together and prayed for her, and after some days this lady’s body begun having some movements, later she begun to walk slowly. This gave her the strength to resume her work in church though she was weak.

The more she worked the more her body gained strength. And at the moment God has totally restored her health and does all her chores without any pain. We return all the glory to God, and we hope that this testimony will help some people who are going through such challenges. Yrs Rhona .M.Musaazi, director N.J.N.P.Ministries
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