Rachel Kusasira, ungefähr sieben Jahre - Grundschule  3. Klasse

Rechael joined the Lords Home in 2012.

Her father is dead, but the mother is alive. Rechaels mother abandoned her with a friend in the pretence that she was going to look for money and would pick her after sometime. But this did not happen. Discovering that she was left with the whole responsibility of looking after Rachael, the so called friend started mistreating her. According to the neighbours, she would lock her inside the house, and she would go for hours without food. By the time New Jerusalem learnt of her plight, she was malnourished, she joined us when she was very timid and her hair was running on her blow.

As per now, through Focus Leben, Rechael got a wonderful sponsor, and she is now in school, in primary 3. With the attention of their wonerful matron Neema, she has regained her strength, put on weight and she looks better. Rechael is now so playful and open though somehow shy. She is doing well at school, she sings in the church choir and she is one of the lead singers.